Knot Dice Deluxe

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The Deluxe set contains everything in the regular set, plus 18 more dice (for a total of 36) and an embroidered cloth bag.

Create beautiful Celtic knot designs while playing with these amazing dice!

Knot Dice Deluxe contains 36 oversized dice, 8 wooden tokens, 12 games, dozens of puzzles in 7 different types, and an embroidered cloth bag.

Art - Make your own Celtic knots! Rearrange them to discover and create new designs all the time.

"These are dice I would proudly display on a coffee table or desk."
- The Geek Girl Project

Games - You can play 12 different games with one set of Knot Dice.

There are cooperative games and competitive games, fast-paced games and more thinky games, family-friendly games and strategic games. Full game rules and descriptions.

"There’s a nice mix of strategy and luck and you really can pick and choose an experience that’s right for your particular game group."
- Casual Game Revolution

Puzzles - Dozens of puzzles come in the box, of seven different types.

Complete designs, form symmetrical patterns, create three-dimensional Celtic knot structures, and more. Full puzzle rules and descriptions.

"The fluid gameplay and design will appeal to both puzzlers and game fans alike."
- PuzzleNation