Knot Dice Deluxe

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The Deluxe set contains everything in the regular set, plus 18 more dice (for a total of 36) and an embroidered cloth bag.

Create beautiful Celtic knot designs while playing with these amazing dice!

"These are dice I would proudly display on a coffee table or desk." - The Geek Girl Project


Make your own Celtic knots! These are incredible to keep on your desk or table. Rearrange them to create new designs all the time.

Make even larger designs with this Deluxe set, in any number of interesting shapes.


You can play every one of these games with one set of Knot Dice (player counts for the Deluxe set):

  • Kells - a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Work with your friends to complete the largest Celtic knot design you can.
  • Kells: The Book - a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Complete Celtic knot designs over several rounds.
  • Kells: The Abbey - a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Complete designs on a vertical wall built of dice.
  • Knot So Fast - a fast-paced competitive game for 2-4 players. Complete your designs faster than your opponent.
  • Knot So Fast Too - a fast-paced competitive game for 2-4 players. Complete your designs faster than your opponents over a series of round-robin matches.
  • A Celtic Yarn - a puzzling competitive game for 2 players. Find a strand of yarn that stretches from one side of a tangled knot to another.
  • Osbox - a competitive game for 2 players. Slide dice into a grid to complete knot designs.
  • Trí na Coillte - a competitive game for 2 players. Chase your opponent's token traveling over paths through the woods.
  • Snakes - a competitive push-your-luck game for 2 players. Drive your snake farther away than your opponents'.
  • Knot the Whole Story - a cooperative storytelling game for 2-4 players. Tell a story that follows the twists and turns of the dice.
  • Distance - a competitive game for 2 or 4 players. Move your two tokens as far as possible from each other following the paths on the dice.
  • Minarets - a competitive game for 3-4 players. Construct the best possible buildings with your two partners.

"The visual aesthetic is great and ultimately the gameplay options are different enough to spice things up!" - Theology of Games


  • Completion Puzzles 1 - starting with a set arrangement of dice, complete a design in as few turns as possible.
  • Completion Puzzles 2 - a slightly more difficult variation on completion puzzles 1.
  • Transformation Puzzles - starting with a set completed design, transform it to another completed design in as few turns as possible.
  • Creation Puzzles - create symmetrical designs using the given dice.
  • Building Puzzles - build three-dimensional shapes with complete designs on all visible faces.
  • Wall Puzzle - find a design that works on the top of a "floor" of dice so that when disassembled and reassembled it also works on the side of a "wall" of dice.
  • Oxvo - sliding the dice around like a 15-puzzle, form the longest possible path in the fewest possible turns.

"Knot Dice puts a new twist on traditional dice games, and the fluid gameplay and design will appeal to both puzzlers and game fans alike." - PuzzleNation


This Deluxe set contains twice as many dice as the regular set (allowing for a higher player count for some games), and adds an embroidered cloth bag to hold your dice. 

One box of Knot Dice Deluxe contains:

  • 36 oversized custom knot dice
  • 8 wooden tokens
  • Embroidered cloth dice bag
  • A game rulebook with 12 games
  • A puzzle book with 7 types of puzzles (dozens of unique puzzles)