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Knot Dice contains:
7 Puzzle Types—dozens of individual puzzles
12 Games: cooperative to competitive, family-friendly to strategic
Rules & Descriptions

Knot Dice is a gorgeous collection of games and puzzles.

Game Nite Magazine

It cannot be overstated how beautiful these dice are.


My kids and I have been having a blast with these dice. The games are quick, as is set up and clean up.

A Pawn's Perspective

The fluid gameplay and design will appeal to both puzzlers and game fans alike.


These are dice I would proudly display on a coffee table or desk.

The Geek Girl Project

Knot Dice - a Success Story

Knot Dice were created with the assistance of thousands of Kickstarter supporters - Celtic knot lovers, dice aficionados, and game and puzzle fans. A huge thanks goes out to all of them, as well as to the game and puzzle designers whose work is included in every box.