Knot Dice

Create beautiful Celtic knot designs in over a dozen different games and puzzles. 1-4 players, 10-30 minutes.

Play with art! Knot Dice are games, puzzles, and artistic inspiration.

A box of Knot Dice holds 12 games and dozens of puzzles. The regular box includes 18 dice and 8 wooden tokens, while the deluxe box has 36 dice, 8 wooden tokens, and a cloth bag.

Rules to the games and puzzles are below:

Knot Dice Deluxe

With the deluxe set of 36 dice, you can make larger designs, play some of the games with more players, and work these puzzles:

Knot Dice Squared adds different dice, games, and puzzles. 1-6 players, 10-30 minutes.

Rules to the games and puzzles that require both the original dice and the new Knot Dice Squared are below:

Knot Dice
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Knot Dice Deluxe
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