About Knot Dice

Play with art! Knot Dice are games, puzzles, and artistic inspiration all in one.

Create beautiful Celtic knot designs while playing a large number of different games and puzzles.

A regular box of Knot Dice includes 18 dice, dozens of puzzles, and 12 games for up to 4 players. The deluxe box has double the dice and a cloth bag.

Knot Dice have also been used in roleplaying games, to create knitting patterns, and as desktop toys. They have even been used for art therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, and meditation.

Visit the Knot Dice Facebook group to talk with other Knot Dice fans and share your designs.

    Knot Dice Deluxe

    With the deluxe set of 36 dice, you can make larger designs, play some of the games with more players, and work more puzzles.

    Knot Dice Squared (expansion)

    Knot Dice Squared is an expansion to Knot Dice, and requires a set of the original Knot Dice. The expansion includes 26 dice in 3 new types, and rules to games and puzzles that require both the original and the new dice. Some of the new rules can handle up to 6 players.