"It cannot be overstated how beautiful these dice are... [They put] a new twist on traditional dice games, and the fluid gameplay and design will appeal to both puzzlers and game fans alike." - PuzzleNation

"These are dice I would proudly display on a coffee table or desk while allowing others (or myself) to fidget with them. I feel Black Oak Games has created a fantastic product and I am looking forward to seeing more from them." - The Geek Girl Project

"I love that this isn't just a standard press your luck dice game, the visual aesthetic is great and ultimately the gameplay options are different enough to spice things up! ...these are beautiful AND they have neat little games behind them." - Theology of Games

"Knot Dice is a gorgeous collection of games and puzzles...And while the aesthetics of the game are quite pleasing, it is the game play and especially the puzzles that make this worth picking up. Recommended." - Game Nite Magazine

"There’s a nice mix of strategy and luck and you really can pick and choose an experience that’s right for your particular game group. If you also happen to be a fan of Celtic designs, Knot Dice is a no-brainer." - Casual Game Revolution

"The dice are fun to play with even without any particular organized game." - Geekdad

"Knot Dice allows for so many different games that there is something here for everyone. 9/10" - The Family Gamers

"I read one, two, three pages, and then I started and played two hours and I had a blast." - Cyrils Brettspiele